ah³eo & ha³oe by Autechre & The Hafler Trio. The next installment of the enthralling collaboration 'twixt h3o and those likely lads Autechre is ready to see the light of day on Die Stadt and Simply Superior. This should make the previous two glow again with renewed ardour, and provide a couple of answers, but many, many more questions.
This release will come in a special format: double Audio DVD (5.1. Version), each disc featuring 2 hours of music. Due to the special nature of the format this title will come in a limited edition of 1000 copies. Source
You can check information on this release on Simply Superior's twitter or preorder via contacting

website's design got updated a bit. Added some fresh 2010 interviews and essay about autechre


Added 1 2 interviews from 2010/2008 and 2 links to audiointerviews.
Few weeks ago autechre made mix for FACT magazine. It's available for download , tracklist - here
Also 02.03.10 autechre broadcasted 12-hour radioset from On this moment available for download here Torrent here Fan-made tracklist - here


Added english navigation to site. New interview on 'Oversteps' by Sean Booth added (from


Autechre's new album ‘Oversteps’ is now available for purchase digitally. Customers who pre-order the CD or vinyl now will receive the digital straight away.


Today was announced release of new Autechre's album called 'Oversteps' consisting of 14 tracks.


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01. r ess
02. ilanders
03. known(1)
04. pt2ph8
05. qplay
06. see on see
07. Treale
08. os veix3
09. O=0
10. d-sho qub
11. st epreo
12. redfall
13. krYlon
14. Yuop


VLR's "Is It Washable" mix available for download here.