Autechre отвечают на вопросы русских фанов

AV: What are you think about deciphers of Autechre track titles?
SB: its like watching 4 year olds trying to decipher dna
AV: Does some of them corresponding to meaning that you're put in your track titles?
SB: rarely. sometimes ppl get close tho not often.
AV: Do you think about releasing the untilted 2005 tour set on CD? Fans from all the world want it...
SB: its been considered. several have been recorded.
AV: Will you play new material at live@Dublin on the 8th of April? What can you generally say about new material recorded in post-Untilted period (2005-2006)?
SB: not saying anything. ppl can listen sometime if they want to know..
AV: Did you like the unofficial Pro Radii video? Many think that in this video not plays best moments from track - you are also think so?
SB: its been edited weirdly and the visual is boring and doesnt move with the music very well. nice try but no cigar.
AV: What education did you got?
SB: very very basic. nothing worth mentioning.
AV: It is known that famous russian scientist Mendeleev saw well-known periodic table in dream. Did you find ways for realization of your ideas when you were asleep?
SB: dreams constantly inform us, both consciously and unconsciously.
AV: What Autechre releases you like most off all? And why?
SB: no preference.
AV: Why you decided to move away from using generators and algorithms in your music? That sounded really good in your superb performance!
SB: we didnt stop we just didnt do it for last cpl of records.. we still work that way we just didnt release any recently. we wanted development in that area to be private for a while.
AV: You prefer to write music in the daytime or at night?
SB: both are good for different reasons..
AV: What are you do with pleasure when you have free time?
SB: making music, research, sex, cycling, travelling, watching ppl, taking interesting drugs, making art...
AV: What is your attitude to young musicians in their music take your sound as basis to achieve their own purposes?
SB: nice to inspire ppl but the good stuff doesnt sound like the stuff that influenced it. ppl who make something new are always going to get our attention more than those who replicate.
AV: What style and brends of clothes you prefer as of today? Do you adding yourself to any present subcultures?
SB: still wear a lot of workwear, army surplus and technical clothing. most unfashionable.. subculture is a myth spread by corporations.
AV: It is known that your music to put it mildly "not easy to understand". So, in your opinion - why your music is so hard for peoples perception?
SB: i like birdsong. i dont understand it at all. its not necessary to understand something to like it.
AV: It is known that you have many different music hardware. Do you use old hardware for making new material or you prefer to use new methods on new hardware?
SB: new methods on old hardware. sometimes new on new. sometimes old on new. depends how we feel..
AV: Music of which young musicians that you know you can notice? You are interested in new tendencies in music?
SB: some.. not that i can rem any names of anything..
AV: How often do your fans recognize you on the streets? If yes - are you tired of them?
SB: sometimes.. they rarely speak to us maybe they think we are unapproachable..
AV: Are you interested in russian idm-scene? And does Russia generally interesting for you?
SB: not heard much idm. not really interesting
AV: What do you think about Venetian Snares and other breakcore?
SB: some of his stuffs good.. gets a bit boring after a while. when hes good hes very good tho. nice aesthetic. aaron is def the best out of all those kids.
AV: With which musicians do you keep friendly relations?
SB: quite a few , too many to list..
AV: What is your favourite food?
SB: japanese homestyle cooking.

AV - Alexander Vinokourov

SB - Sean Booth

Interview taked by Alexander Vinokourov

Thanks to Rename, interrupt II, Wialenove and other russian fans for questions...