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Clickrunner Gonzi when does the next unreleased secret .ram file appear on your AFX-site?
FReSH errr....i don't know...have to let the track i have up now sink in first. maybe a couple weeks or so...
Shustr yeah, that secret.ram is avesome :)
What was the FTP location of the .ra again?
Clickrunner couple weeks are a long time.
FReSH hay, i forget...errr.... i think....
LeeScratchPerry yeech sp...
LeeScratchPerry heh
FReSH i'm also putting up soundclips for the squarepusher site... probably about 23 in all....
FReSH in .ra
FReSH you want to see something hardcore? one sec....
FReSH we are starting "REPHRESH" at The Soundshaft (behind Heaven). The nights will start on Monday 14th July with the launch of the new DMXKrew album and continue weekly for the summer period only. DJ's willinclude AFX, Squarepusher, Luke Vibert, Mike Dred, etc etc.
fresh: Hmm. I can't seem login anonymously to the FTP server. Oh well. Nice Claire Danes pics, by the way :-)
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FReSH wicked eh? they named the rephlex club after me....
FReSH sfwd....word.
effervescant`slug sfwd
sfwd guess I don't have to ask if its THE fresh =)
LeeScratchPerry There are some people that think i'm the head of the illuminate.
FReSH ez me.
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effervescant`slug hello Ae.
sfwd been a long time since I used mirc
Shustr hello Autechre
Autechre Hello Everyone!
LeeScratchPerry Hello Autechre :
FReSH Hey Sean, whats up.
effervescant`slug sfwd - indeed. :)
Autechre Whats Up?
Sonicmod Hello we are on with Robv and Sean from Autechre
LeeScratchPerry Nothings up here... just listening to non and waiting for you guys to arrive :
FReSH Rob and Sean? I thought we were going to talk with Tom and Ed? What's going on here?
effervescant`slug hey rob hey sean.
Autechre The Chem Bros?
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LeeScratchPerry bwaha
sfwd I think I'm in the WRONG place then =)
FReSH damn, sorry i'm always mixing you guys up.
Autechre Is that who you're talking about? Go home if you want it's not them.
LeeScratchPerry back with those cock rocking beats...
Autechre LOL
Shustr hehe
sfwd OK... I have a question...
LeeScratchPerry :
Sonicmod PLast time we were suppossed to chat you guys were lost somewhere in the English Channel. Bad boat trip?
Autechre Cool what's your question?
sfwd Does the Ae postal mailing list send to us US folks?
Autechre Yeah!
FReSH ha, only joking you geezers. tell me is it true that greggy at warp constantly rearranges the offices to comply with his own version of feng shui?
LeeScratchPerry I have a question also... are you still going to be working with Coil?
Autechre Ill communication. One phone line on the Ferry the Capt had to use it. We could only contact when we reached land!
sfwd (sfwd wants that mailorder 12" but knows not how...)
effervescant`slug Sean & Rob - I've got a mad exeriment in synasthesia propagated by your delightful music that is going to arrive @ the ballroom sometime. (i.e., i'm sending you geezers a painting. look out.)
Autechre Yes with Coil . Its taking awhile. But we want to work on it well.
Autechre IWe look forward top it!
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, I was upset to hear that things havent been going to well with John Balance :( its quite sad... have you been in contact with him at all?
Autechre Very little contact. We see him around London now & then.
sfwd Is he still in hospital/rehab?
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, thats a shame... I was thinking about sending him a message from the ELpH's :
Sonicmod where in London do you live?
FReSH autechre, whats going no with skam? no new records in a bit. btw, have you guys checked out that wicked illustrated discography on the net?
FReSH whats going ON with skam..
Autechre We live in Shefeild North of England
effervescant`slug Sean & Rob - I've got a question. Someone on idm noticed a while back that the cover art for envane = FLW's falling water. this is an interesting choice of a did you decide to use it? or was it the DR?
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, hey have you been to the orbit in leeds lately?
Autechre We have a new free form LP coming out soon, Boards of Canada
sfwd Ae do you have a track on the Mask 2 release?
FReSH autechre, i saw you guys play this year last time with Boards of Canada and Cylob in london. just want tell you it was pretty fucking amazing.
Autechre ACopoulation CD due to Skam . Cop of alot of artist to raise money for Ira bombing awareness!
FReSH last year this time....uhh...sorry, only had 4 hours sellp.
FReSH sleep.
Autechre Thanks. Fresh, that answer is classified .
effervescant`slug Sean & Rob - Heh. So how does it feel to be sitting in front of your computers on a wednesday talking to a bunch of 'spotters? :)
Autechre Im pretty tired too.
sfwd Can't WAIT for the cd... also the v/vm cd!
Sonicmod I am on no sleep whatso ever
* LeeScratchPerry warms up the knives
Autechre Just the same as any other Wed sitting @ our computers.
FReSH sonic, thats cause you are hardcore and we look up to you for it.
Sonicmod Thanks babe
FReSH Autechre, do you guys spend a lot of time on the net? what are you up to on it?
Autechre Lotsa VVM stuff coming out soon.
Autechre VVm did a wicked live set Last Sunday!
sfwd sent $ 4th World's way today =)
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, I heard that you are releasing a track for a tribute to merzbow or something, can you tell us a little more about this? (or am I the only one not in the light about this?)
Autechre We just spend leisure time on the net. To see what sgoing on out there with friends & the world.
FReSH do you want to see a naked picture of bjork? :)
sfwd Any chance of Ae live in California in the near future?
FReSH hhehe.
Autechre Right. Basically its an album of remixes by ourselves Panasonic, and alot of great other bands...
Autechre What again?
Autechre a naked pic of Bjork?
sfwd hehehe...
FReSH yes, come back to LA, that was a fucking wicked show at the trubadour. pissed all the ravers off...
Sonicmod I noticed that you guys maintain your own site. I find that interesting. Most people rely on the record label to do that.
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, cool i'm looking forward to it... have you been listening to much noise lately?
Autechre No Cali concert expected soon. Sorry
FReSH sure naked bjork:
* LeeScratchPerry is listening to a merzbow song now : music for man with no name..
Autechre We do rely heavily on the website.
sfwd *Fresh... king of plug* =)
Autechre NOise VVM. thats the new noise!
FReSH hey, i read in the warp schedule you have a new ep coming out. any details for us?
Autechre Dont know it Perry
FReSH sfwd...guilty.
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Autechre Yeah. We are cutting it next week. Not sure if release date,but the music is all ready!
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, its the one he did with COCK ESP... on fusetron.... its nice, have you heard aube at all?
sfwd Ae did you have any feelings about the ae_radio.ra file getting passed around and fans wanting to burn personal cds of the show?
M3GATR0N how do you pr0n0unce autechre anyway????
Sonicmod Do you guys record everything yourselves? Do you have your own studio?
FReSH Autechre, tell me about the Gescom Schematic remixes? When are THOSE coming out...
Autechre No not atall. If its how it will be on radio. People can do what they want with it. Radio is the least exclusive medium lately.
sfwd Ae not so unexclusive if you live in US =)
Autechre That will be out in quite a while yet Schematic remixes.
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, have you had any contact with scorn since your remix on Ellipsis?
Autechre Aw-tek-er?!
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LeeScratchPerry hehehew
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FReSH autechre, how come the radio mix cd was only distributed to press, etc. the people that care the least about it? fans were really trying to get their hands on those but were running into...
Autechre No not really.
FReSH resistance from warp who didn't want them floating about.
FReSH will you make the radio mix cd's available to maybe the mailing list members?
sfwd ya, that became a HUGE issue on the idm list
Autechre Well thats because its strickly for radio.
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LeeScratchPerry Autechre, heh.. ok... What do you think about all the tech steppy drum and bass stuff (u-turn etc), do you think its almost turning into something on the same mentalitiy as gabba?
Autechre No I dont think it would . But we will consider it with future material.
FReSH Please do, because i hate to see people getting taken for alot of money for no good reason.
Autechre No I dont. I like the darker side, producers on U-Turn
Autechre Totally Fresh...
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, ah ok... can you see yourselves writing drum and bass?
FReSH Autechre, didn't you guys do your own remix of Planet Rock for your radio show?
Autechre Peery, we never go for sucj straight forward format. we have many ideas.
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, thats good to hear :
Autechre We remix everything for the radio shows.
sfwd AE What are you guys listening to most lately (aside from vvm)?
FReSH the radio shows are a somewhat mysterious enterprise for those of us in the US. we only hear second hand reports and dodgy .ra's...
Autechre Ummm, Tod Dockstader, Glen Velez, Atom Heart, Porter Rick, Schematic, Nature Records, and a number of others
Autechre Oh, and Gamlon from Bali!
effervescant`slug Ae - what do you think of music being represented (interprated) visually? do you have any favorite artists currently? i know you said you were interested in the shape of a sound....
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, you guys should work with nww...
sfwd I actually emailed the radio station about buying tapes of the radio show, but never got an answer
Autechre Whos Nww
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LeeScratchPerry Autechre, Nurse With Wound..
Shustr Nurse With Wound
sfwd nurse w/ wound!
Sonicmod I'm still curious how do you guys go about recording
Autechre The show isnt on the air anymore I guess. Its sad due to advertising , it lost favor when the station got soft.
sfwd read this at the sonicnet page... They make music for hanging teddy bears to...[Tri Repetae is]
sfwd worth more than three repeats, any day" - MUZIK
Autechre Perry Oh, I reckon we would work w/NWW!
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, mmm I think it'd be a beautiful collab indeed...
FReSH hanging teddy bears....hmmm....i wonder if that is reffering to anyone :)
Autechre For starters we press record
Shustr :( radio stations have the same problems everywhere :(
sfwd wow.. that didn't work well... do you see your music that way?
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effervescant`slug fresh - heh. :)
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, do you guys use tape loops for any of your stuff?
Autechre We take time to jam @ first. we let our instincts do the controling.
Autechre Hi this is Shaun
LeeScratchPerry Hello Shaun!
LeeScratchPerry :
Shustr Hi Shaun
Autechre We use to use loops. We dont anymore, just digitally.
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, tape loops are fun :
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Spydie I just stopped in to say that you have great music.
*** HiPtoDEZ (GC10001D@ has joined channel #Chillout
Autechre Definately, a good way to spend your teen years w/loops!
effervescant`slug autechre - do you take advantage of chance when you make your music?
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brezovan 3pm est? don't tell me i've missed half of it already... :(
Autechre Thanks Spydie!
FReSH last time i was you, you had alot of stuff specifically written for the live show. are you still doing that?
FReSH i saw you...dah.
Shustr Ae: I heard you use a computer to generate a track names. Is it just a hoax?
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Autechre How could you not take chances?
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, haha, indeed.... do you sample much acoustic stuff for your work?
Sonicmod Yes I'm sorry there was a error on our site that may have led to some confusion
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Autechre No hoax, How the hell did you find that out?
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Autechre Fresh, yes we are.
Autechre Perry. Ummm, not really we make sounds from other sounds.
Shustr Ae: I used to do similar things by myself :)
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, oh, I have a question for you... what is your opinion on the yamaha dx7?
sfwd Ae Was wondering what your personal favorite Ae material is?
FReSH holy fuck...i just got a HUGE package from rephlex....
brezovan if i were making music i'd have my computer make up track names for me too :) i don't like labelling things
Autechre DX7 is AWESOME!
Sonicmod Do you find that the climate for elecrtonic music has changed with the success of Prodigy and the Chem Bros.(i.e. big label interest)
DJ Autechre, are you guys going to release Chiastic Slide in the USA?
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, dx7 is the shit man... heh, I have 3 of those fuckers... I love it :
Shustr Ae: you don't sound much 'acoustic' though
Autechre On reflex ....analog bubble bath #4
Autechre DJ, it depends on the label
Autechre S/ MOD...I think Americas gone mad.
LeeScratchPerry America is mad.
Sonicmod America is always mad
Autechre Perry, are you masturbating?
Autechre Shus....Oh, well.
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, I am... I've just ejaculated all over the Chiastic Slide 12's
FReSH i just 7 eps, 3 lps and one cd-rom from rephlex...haha.
Sonicmod it's funny to see AnR people from labels running around like a chicken w/out a head trying to figure out the next big thing.
LeeScratchPerry :P
Autechre LOL
Autechre DJ....neither
brezovan do you two spend much time online? web browsing, that kind of thing? (did i miss all of this already?) :)
FReSH like in the mail right now...fucking autechre you guys are good luck, you don't mind of i switch off amber do you?
Autechre Sonicmod, its always been like that.
Sonicmod I know
effervescant`slug ae - what do you guys look for in a label then?
Autechre Brez yeah quite a bit
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, what do you guys think of Alec Empire and all the mille plateux stuff...
Autechre Fresh, be my guest!
Autechre Efferv..Openmindedness, & a love of good food.
Autechre Perry, some is pretty decent
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LeeScratchPerry Autechre, mmm... did you ever hear low on ice?
Autechre Hello DRown
Drown Hello Autechre
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, I highly recommend it... heh I must sound like i'm advertising or something *shuts up*
LeeScratchPerry heh
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Autechre Perry, is that like listening to Bowie on PCP?
*** BernS (bernie@ has joined channel #Chillout
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LeeScratchPerry heh... no no... its like listening to Brian Eno on crack :
brezovan any spoilers for the single warp says you'll be releasing later this summer? is it similar in style to "envane" and _chiastic slide_?
Autechre Why are you so concerned about the way you sound Perry?
sfwd23 AE does your Inet connection suck like mine?
BernS hi dudes...i've got a question: What's EST...? how much is it CET then?
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, I'm very insecure...
LeeScratchPerry heh
effervescant`slug ae - revising my chance question : are you interested in conciously exploiting chance in your music? do you now?
Autechre Brez.. NO its different. We think.
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, and i'm from harrogate... heh
effervescant`slug zow. hey brb guys.
effervescant`slug gonna get something to drink.
Autechre Efferv.. sure, but we must understand it and incorporate it.
*** Signoff: sfwd ((signed off))
* BernS burpses....what's going on here?
brezovan what's the general reaction you've gotten to your latest work? i maintain web pages about you (you may have seen them) :) and a couple people mailed me saying they really missed your "old" style
effervescant`slug re
sfwd23 Ae do you believe that music affects development and that YOUR music would have a positive affect on say a 5 year old (like the one who listens to you here =)
Autechre Brez....Reactions have been extreme. Love Hate relationship
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LeeScratchPerry Thats like playing lustmord to a preist.
LeeScratchPerry heh
Autechre sfwd....Yes!
effervescant`slug heh
Autechre LOL
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Autechre You sick bastards
LeeScratchPerry I'm a very sick bastard indeed... would you like some necrophillia?
* brezovan laughs
Autechre Perry....Why are you dead?
brezovan isn't that what howie b's "music for babies" was all about? :)
sfwd23 Ae You guys are right up there with Skinny Puppy in her book =)
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Autechre Whos HOwie B?
BernS lee: Dead girls don't see no;-
DJ Anti EP rocks, dude.
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, I am not of this world, I am the Ghost Captain...
brezovan oh, right.
LeeScratchPerry Howie B is bono's pimp..
FReSH hehe....autechre, what about that panacea sample...rather blatant. do you condone that sort of thing?
Perry: Seen "Kissed"?
DataSquid any way to see what channels i'm on?
LeeScratchPerry Hayfever, no, I have'nt...
Autechre Fresh...yeah its funny
FReSH I dare you to put Howie B, Paul and Phil Hartnoll, and mixmaster morris in a lineup.
Autechre Kissed? no
brezovan is panacea the group that ripped off a chunk from "second bad vilbel"? i heard that. it was awful
Perry: Good Canadian film about necrophelia :-)
DataSquid hehe
LeeScratchPerry Hayfever, rock on, I shall look for it.
FReSH brezovan, i thought it was kind of amusing, the rest of his stuff is pretty good.
bambi hey chill on Howie, he's good, and I think he said no to Bono Pimp
Autechre Brez yeah
BernS I'm from the land of Front 242 ... EAT THIS KIDS;)
DataSquid AE: What music do you listen too/reccomend?
Autechre hey get off this fuck dead people thing already
sfwd23 Ae You guys like your newfound fans since Mtv started AMP? It was QUITE a surprise to see a Ae vid on Mtv =)
LeeScratchPerry haha
FReSH autechre, do you think ambient music is done for? no one seems to be interested in it anymore...
DataSquid not true...
sfwd23 fresh I DO =)
FReSH except morris. hehe.
brezovan can you guys send me the full-length video for "second bad vilbel", by the way? you have no idea what kind of effect it has on me ;)
DJ That 'second bad vilbel' video is great....did you guys have any input to production?
BernS Autechre: what about Scorn man....what about getting METAL into yer sound?!
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, what do you think about this electro revival thing thats been going on for the past year or so...?
Autechre I have no idea of Howie B's music. Sorry Ive never heard it.
FReSH (autechre, are those legal shackles i hear jangling?)
Autechre Brez... No idea of the effect.
Shustr They have enough metal already
DataSquid AE: Will the new album ever be released in Canada?
Autechre Bern........Its already there. You missed it listen again!
Autechre Perry.....Ummm, what do you mean?
brezovan i like it. a lot.
FReSH oh yeah, autechre whats up with domestic releases? are you still in cahoots with tvt?
Autechre Data.........Possibly. Again it depends on the US label.
* BernS slaps himself with a large whip...damn I really should fix myself
sfwd23 Ae Where'd the brail (spelling???) idea for the Skam releases come from?
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DataSquid Pack some more EPs with it!!
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, just this old school electro thing thats been happening in the uk.... lots of clubs are starting to play it again..
FReSH also, did TVT ever pressure you to start wearing leather pants at all?
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*** Topic for #Chillout: AUTECHRE! 5/18 @ 3 PM EST
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sfwd23 hehehe
*** You are now talking to channel #Chillout
DataSquid AE have a live video feed ;)
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, have you heard of aube?
Autechre That'll be a laugh
GLYpH masturbating 20 times a day.. isn't that how electronic artists get the diea of doing things on their own? ;]
Autechre ok
FReSH autechre, have you ever thought of sprucing up your live show with people in big furry costumes?
sfwd23 hehehe
GLYpH idea even
*** Mode change "+b " on channel #Chillout by BernS
DataSquid ya, just what the world needs, mor Daft Punk freaks ;)
Autechre Umm, I think someone already done that
AnvilVapre what do you think of the AMP tv show on mtv??
sfwd23 So what are your thoughts on RDJ?
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, are you getting bored of answering questions?
DataSquid R U Recieving on MuchMusic blows it away...
FReSH autechre, which is your favorite spice girl?
Autechre I've only heard 2 Daft Punk tracks...sucky
DataSquid yup
AnvilVapre yep
GLYpH an Aube collaboration would be interesting... how did you get hooked up with Merzbow... did he contact you?
*** logik (speakeasy@ has joined channel #chillout
DataSquid Rollin and Scratchin is the closest they come to decent..
Autechre Im getting bored of answering SHIT questions. The good ones keep me here
*** brezovan (brezovan@ has joined channel #Chillout
Sonicmod THere is going to be alot of shit electronic music now that the prospects for success seem greater
brezovan my client died or something :(
DataSquid who does most of the talkin there AE?
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, whats a good question, would you like me to start getting into necrophillia again?
Autechre We have a friend who hooke dus up w/ Merz
FReSH haha....but what is good and what is shit....i mean truly, lets get into this.
*** Signoff: kingaday ((signed off))
Autechre No
sfwd23 I really would like to know about the Ae postal list...
DataSquid Orbital is good, AE is good, and that's the end of it...
FReSH autechre, how old where you when you got 'turned on'?
brezovan thank you, autechre :)
*** DJ (speakeasy@ has joined channel #chillout
Autechre sfwd...WRite to warp about the list
DJ fuck, I got disconnected!! I hate it when that happens...
Autechre about 7years old
FReSH sfwd, the address is on james skiltons site...
* BernS turning into a boyzone-girlie-fan...:"Oh Autechre, i think i'm in love with you"
sfwd23 ok (hehehe... I did send you guys a X-mas card, tho =)
GLYpH what prompted your friend to hook you up with Maerzbow? was it the reviews of Chiastic Slide that were compared to a more refined and controlled Merzbow?
GLYpH i mean, i just find it a bit odd
*** glitch (speakeasy@ has joined channel #chillout
Autechre No, it was just a mate, and we are into each others music. He sent us a DAT and we had fun working w. it.
DataSquid AE: Whatever convinced you to come here and hang with a bunch of wanks like us? You say that you write music for yourself, what do you need our input for?
brezovan LOL
sfwd23 Ae Is Skam basically just a collection of friends? Or did Skam contact artists/artists contact Skam?
FReSH autechre, do you have any interest in cd-roms or things like that?
glitch good point, datasquid :P
bravopop any new media for that matter?
Autechre Data.........We are giving all the input here
DataSquid ehheh
glitch ha
Autechre its just people who send tapes...
Autechre Fresh....yeah bit.
glitch Ae, is the MotorEP going to be released on CD at all?
brezovan is gescom a continuing project? i could hear quite a few similarities between your latest stuff and the last few gescom projects
glitch We need more of Motor4...god what a greeeaaaat track! :)
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, would you like me to send you a tape?
Autechre Glitch, as k Source recs.
FReSH autechre, do you guys ever listen to your own music? I mean to do you ever flip on one of your own records and just listen? which of them is your favorite?
Autechre Brez....its not a project. Its just friends jamming.
sfwd23 Have you ever thought about making a weekly RealAudio radio show (I'll even host it for you !)
DataSquid I gotta say that nothin beats Clipper, my fav track to date...
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GLYpH have you thought about compiling the Gescom material onto cd?
BernS sfwd23: Ra sux....if you ain't got isdn, it sux bigtime
Autechre Fresh....Our latest track not released yet.. Tewe
brezovan i saw a comp last week with a keynell track on it...don't remember what it was though
Autechre sfwd YES!
FReSH your favorite always the lastest though?
Autechre Glyph....Its a bit of an obvious choice
glitch Ae, so what's up with the potential Coil remix/collab work?
Unferth Isn't Tewe on Chiastic?
foss why is it so hard to book you guys in the states?
sfwd23 It would reach LOTS of people (sound only ok, but good music can stand it)
DataSquid AE: any tips for someone aspiring to set up a pirate radio station ;)
logik and the AE/Download project for that matter.
bravopop autechre, when doing a radio show, do you consider the music put forth for 'radio listening' needing different qualities than a puchased recording?
glitch and Coil!
Autechre Un...Yes
Autechre Data... SHHHH, Dont tell many people
bravopop as you might only hear it once.
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, is sheffield a hole?
sfwd23 if you ever need realaudio hosting =)
DataSquid heh
brezovan if/when you tour again, please consider coming to the midwest...please. ;) these florida gigs are too far away! minneapolis is much more affordable (and much closer) :)
DataSquid consider coming to my house!
Unferth Hey Autechre, that last track on SKA07 is amazing. Did anything in particular inspire it?
brezovan heh
Autechre Bravo....No. I understand what you mean. Some tracks dont fit for releases so we put hem to radio.
foss will we see an autechre PLAID collaboration
Autechre Hopefully dDetroit
GLYpH if you ever tour southeast Africa I'll be there!
DataSquid YES!
brezovan detroit would work too...oh yes
DataSquid Detroit! Not that far from Waterloo, not bad at all
Autechre just emotions @ the time.
glitch Ae, we need you to come to Chicago...!!
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, would you like to work with Juan Atkins or anybody like that?
sfwd23 Why doesn't Ae take an active roll on the IDM list (aside from all the crap that occurs...) Or do they?
DJ when will we see a full-length GESCOM album??
Autechre Perry.. yes Atkins. Would love to.
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LeeScratchPerry Autechre, you should :
FReSH i would love to see ae and ken downie have it out...hhehe..
Autechre sfwd.. because my mail box is full of too many shit. I need to subscribe
FReSH subscribe to the digest then....
Autechre DJ....Dont know.
DataSquid there's a list?
foss blagh my ramen is cooking
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sfwd23 Ae understand... I subscribe to 10 mailing lists =)
LeeScratchPerry Autechre, whats your favourite cartoon?
Autechre There is a Gescom LP full lenghth, but not widely available