АЕ's (auto)biography from Windish Agency

we met in about september 87 . me and my mate neil went round to this guys house cos ged who i met a couple of weeks b4 said he had deks and similar tunes .. i had one dek and a load of hifi parts made into something like a dj mixr and a casio sk1 and loads of tape deks with fly pause butns . he had butchered walkmans with varispeed, boxes, 2deks . old hifi deks with a hole in the bottom for you to put a screwdriver in to adjust the pitch . we could get it down to about 30% but you had to tilt the deks while trax were on and if you were careful the needle would stay on. we did loads of tapes like that, going back and forth from mine to his . started using the sk1 for more stuff . got a drum machine. got a delay/sampler.
stuff started getting more complicated but better. as soon as we got the drum machine everything was rooted there for a while so mixes had loads more repetition. mostly just cutting the same beats on the deks over and over and dubbing through delay to make the beats more complex . drum machine hooking it all up . 606 triggering the delays to cut up live scratching. make the patterns more complicated so it sounds like the latin rascals are editing you live . the sk1 was a bit weak for long sounds . we got more synths, and got into them. we met this kid daz. he worked in a gear shop in rochdale and had loads of gear upstairs. casio fz. roland r8. atari . we were in heaven there for a while til we realised there was too much gear for us to understand at once and the tunes were suffering. we kept our knowledge and went back home. all the gear was round at his by that point so we had a base to build from .
we started djing on a local pirate station. we met andy . we did some stuff for his prog. he was into it. the guys who owned the gear were, and said we could play again . we started doing trax for the radio ..we spent a lot of time . we put out one on a label from stevenage yeah and got conned stupidly .. up north there was thunderdome, konspiracy, hippodrome, clear . . jay wearden and moggy cleaning us out every weekend.
so round at daz's shop one day after work and he goes 'why don't you send stuff to warp yer always going on about how good they are' i remember well vividly sitting on the steps at the back of his shop with el-ef-oh playing on the shop stereo as he said it . so we did, and they got into one track on 2 tapes . 'crystel', along with 'the egg' were the first things they had off us they were prepared to put out. we were well up4it. ai came out. met DR . clicked. we started getting phone calls from people we didn't know . journos. agents . etc. we started putting incunabula together from a wealth of old trax, sending warp tapes for a year or so b4 they got their heads round it all. they put out incunabula. we were in the face. indie no1. loads of twats everywhere.
we met so many twats. and a few nice people. .. .. it was good . i remember sitting there with the day today on the tv trying to sort out our u s tour and getting weakened cos by the time the coked up tosser on the other end of the phone had finished complimenting us the prog had finished and all that was left to watch was radiohead doing creep live somewhere.remember it sounded like it had been written with a sequencer. we started getting work requests . a few surprises . coil got in touch which was very special.
started meeting loads of good people. some likeminded. we were living in a huge house near prestwich with a load of mates and most of the best parties we went to in those days were there. no clubs we went to played anything near what we were into . hardcore had become really cartoony and besides no-one played it anymore it was all progressive house and the like. we were doing quite a bit of live stuff by that point. it had seemed like a natural thing to do cos we were recording so many of our tracks realtime and we had it down. we'd set gear up in the house for parties. oscillate in birmingham was one of the first things we did . they were cool kids and their events went from strength to strength . about the only place north of watford you could hear 'digeridoo' with 2000 kids and never see a stilt walker . we went to the usofa. that was pretty funny. went there with lewis keogh and this bloke called sus who used to tour manage for aerosmith. informative. did some more uk dates. went to moscow. delivered amber. moved to sheffield. went to australia. did more gigs.
wax lyrical. nonaxiomatic living room. toured uk with freeform. put out some more tracks on skam. gescom stuff.
had a massive balcony overlooking half of sheffield and carpets that move. spent a lot of time looking out the window doing tapes for disengage, a radio thing we did with gescom . solar heat gain. met chris c and alex r. plotted.. finally plucked up the courage to ring zoviet france. pulled some guerilla moves together. no doubt all that will resurface at some point . did some work for john peel. did some work with chris c. went to japan. delivered tri repetae. another usa tour. loads more remixes by then. moved house again, just in time to hear the peel sesh broadcast. went round europe with warp. skizm. delivered chiastic slide. . . all the time scattered with gigs and recording. delivered lp5. compression. looking to move, reduce distances. eventually settled just after ep7 was completed . moved to a beautiful place out in the country linked with a base in london's busy epicentre. made confield