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Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 23:16:20 +0000
From: - peng - <>
Subject: AeA
excellent site! lovely colours too...

Hopefully I'll have something more constructive to say as it develops,
but so far I've these;

Please, please don't turn it into a framed site. Or even one with lots
of fancy graphics; as it is, with the standard <HR> tag and simple
purple on purple text, it kinda embodies the autechre idea - on the
suface very simple, get into it and it's complex (ie read it and you get
all the info you need).

To intoduce a paradox in this e-mail, how about some pictures? Only on a
certain page - just a simple page, sitting there with scans of the
artwork from all the CDs and vinyl with their titles, nothing more? I
find Ae's artwork almost as intriguing as their music (especially
Cichlisuite and Tri Repetae) and would be interested to see it all in
one place - especially to compare formats (I know cichlisuite has
different covers on the vinyl and the CD, do any others?). Or would you
prefer that this were left to other sites?

Finally, what about making your e-mail addy a mailto: link? Save a bit
of hassle....

Oh, and a few answers to questions posed on the site:

* What images does the word "autechre" evoke for you? Do you believe the
word has no inherent meaning?

Ignoring all stories (the letters spewn forth at random by their
computer, AUdio TECHnology REdefined and all that), I believe Autechre,
as a word, has no meaning, no imagery. Take another group at random, say
*glances at CDs* Tangerine Dream. Now, that name provokes an image, and
almost tells you what the music will sound like. But Autechre is so
devoid of imagery that you aren't forced into pre-listening perceptions
of the music. You get to make your mind up totally alone, noting hints
at you that you should view their music from perspective X or
perspective Y.

* What do you think of the whole "Chiasm" idea, about synthesis of
information? Is Chiastic a concept album?

I thought 'Chiastic' meant 'diagonal' and saw the album as a diagonal
slide downwards into the unknown depths of music, of thought, of
feeling; tapping those deep down places inside... Or of falling slowly
away from pre-perceptions of how music should sound

* What is your favorite Autechre track/album/etc?

Single? Garbage.
Album? Amber, Tri Repetae (sorry, can't decide!)
Track? Hmmm... Overand, from TR.

* If cichlisuite were a movie or story, what would it be like?

I don't like this idea.

Cichlisuite, along with all Ae music, _is_ a movie, it _is_ a story.
However, it's an extremely personal one; the image, the story, the
emotion in it cannot be described, it's far too complex. I often see
shapes corresponding to the sounds, or images of real world things (like
old, rusting metal structures in TR), and they link, they correspond...
But words and television are, as mediums, much more restrictive than the
landscape of the imagination. Trying to interpret any Ae music into a
movie or story would utterly destroy it.

* If garbage EP were a movie, what would it be? I think garbage seems to
have a narrative in it.

Dunno, I'll have to give it a listen. Although my above point still
holds, I will try to describe the path my thoughts take. Later, though.

* What do you think of abstraction in music, and how does it relate to
how we perceive music? Artistically, can we ever be free of connotation
polluting our
response to a song? The minimalist art that Ae are so fond of may not
help: even the name 'suite' causes associations to be created in our
minds. Do these things
color our perception of the music? (I will be writing an article on this
one myself, because I find it kind of intriguing.) :-) For me, the name
"yeesland" evokes a very
definite sense of place... was this intended? Can the transmission of
musical thought ever be 'pure', free of other influences? If not, what
are the dimensions of the
thing we are trapped in?

Woooo, big question. I'll have to leave this one 'til later too.

* What artists and songs would you like to see on a hypothetical
Autechre tribute album?

None. *grin* No, really... Autechre or no-one. I wouldn't want to hear
any other artist try to make Autechre style sounds, just as I wouldn't
want to hear Autechre make music mimicing (sp?) the styles of other

Hope this has been helpful. Again, love the site!



Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:52:18 +1100
From: (Mat Cork)
Subject: A submission of sorts

Hi, it was good to see your site on the net. I've written a quick
piece...if you want to use it feel free. For the record my favourite
Autechre album is Tri Repetae and favourite track probably 902Quarter
(for today anyway). Hope the mag goes well if you need any help give me
a shout.

Article follows

AeA NOTE: Mat's article on Chiastic Slide appears in the December issue of AeA Magazine.


Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 01:25:12 -0500
From: Jake Mandell <>
Subject: Ae & my music


I enjoyed your Ae site very much! I am a huge a Autechre fan myself.
In addition to listening to good music, I try to produce some.
Currently I have a 12" EP and am working on a CD. I'd love to send
you a copy of my record and maybe a tape of some of my later
recordings to see what you think. Send me your address and I'll get
the material off to you.

Glad to find another fan of complex and innovative music,



From: "Jeroen Teunissen" <> Save Address Block Sender
To: <>
Subject: hi there
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 22:09:02 +0100

first of all;
i think it's very good of u to base the site on
content, idea's and ppl's views on Ae's music/art.
of course i'm a bit interested in their new releases,
interviews and photographs,
but as for the music,
i'll listen to that on my headphone...

i've been collecting their records for 2,5 years now,
seen them live 2 times,
and i've never heard ANYTHING i didn't like,
well i disliked some stuff when i first heard it,
but after listening better it all ended up being
music which comes most close to what i feel inside,
and how i see stuff...

it's happend 4 times already,
that i was in a record shop, not knowing about a new release,
seeing something that looked like a designers republic sleeve...
all times i just bought without listening.

ok so much for my fan-ness

where can i get on the intelligent dance music mailing list?
and what is it?

i've searched a lot for likeminded artists,
aswell to listen to as to talk to (i'm an artist myself;
music/photography/installations/graphic design)
u know of any others ppl makig music with this kind of intention and reach?

i'll keep following the site



Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:24:41 -0500
From: Aaron Woolsey <> Save Address Block Sender
Subject: autechre page

hi there...first: yes, your page is dark greyish. check to see that you're specifying the right colors to the right things. the text on
the page is that cichli-purplish color, and i imagine that it would get lost in the background if the background color was what you
wanted. i run the page on steve reich ( and if you take a look at the source on that
page you'll see how the links, colrs, etc. are defined. you probably know all of this and i'm probably sounding like an ass telling
you. i'm psyched that you're creating an autechre archive. i play in an balinese style gamelan here in Boston, and I'm in the
process of arranging their piece "second peng" (from tri repetae) for the 25-member should be pretty cool (it's going
to be called "third peng"). good luck with the page! and if they're coming to the east coast, let us all know!

Aaron Woolsey
Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Harvard School of Public Health


Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 12:21:21 -0800
From: Bob Dern <> Save Address Block Sender
Subject: SPAZ

Dear Dave,
My name is Ian, and I too am a big fan of Autechre. I've met Sean and
Rob and think they are quite cool people. If you are into other
electronic artists, please come to our site.
<> We do a live broadcast from my
partner, Aaron's front room of both live and DJ sets. I make my own
music as well as spin others' records, and am starting my own record
label quite soon. If any of this sounds like something interesting,
check it out, or email me at . I'd love to
hear from you. Peace.
P.S. Please don't write to me at this address. It's my boss' account.


Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 16:13:02 -0600
From: "David J. Gebhart" <> Save Address Block Sender
Subject: life and how to live it

David -

nice one! just stumbled across your ae page after surfing the web for
ae sites for over a year. what took me so long to arrive and how I got
here I really can't say. at any rate, I am duly impressed! the overall
content, the level of activity and the fervor and dedication exhibited
by fellow Booth/Brown heads has got my adrenaline a-flowin'.

as for me, well, ermm... a long-time, devout ae follower for sure, and
a completist as well. as a measuring stick, I naturally have all their
proper warp releases, and have also acquired all of their various
artist/miscellaneous compilation appearances, all but one gescom release
and just over half their remixes. a sickness, I know. suffice it say,
I am wholly immersed and couldn't live without their music. oh, and I'm
a twenty-nine year old corporate executive (yeah, suit and tie - lord
have mercy) with an IT consulting firm.

that'll have to do for now - gotta run. just wanted to touch base,
introduce myself and pay my respects. please add me to whatever ae
e-mailing list you may have. I'm entertaining the idea of submitting a
piece to the AeA magazine, but haven't had a chance to consider a
topic. perhaps I could offer some feedback, a guide if you will, to all
those disparate remixes and one-off tracks, because as you may well
know, some of them are quite ace, surpassing some of ae's warp
releases. lemme know what you think and I'll keep ya posted.

btw, ever thought of creating either an ae trading post (for lack of a
better term) or a guide as to where to acquire some of the hard-to-find
stuff (I could add a lot to that section, lemme tell ya)? cutting to
the chase, I am in a desperate search for 'The Sounds of Machines Our
Parents Used' ep. it's the last gescom release I need (until 'Funance'
and that earlier 'limited' full length are properly released) to
complete the collection. I have 'go sheep' on a Clear compilation, and
it is near my favorite gescom track. I hate to beg here, but lemme know
if you know of anyone with a copy with which they're willing to part.
top dollar paid.

all right. all for now. all the best to ya in '98.

David J. Gebhart

feel free to edit and post as you see fit.


From: (Greg Hill) Save Address Block Sender
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 18:10:09 -0800
Subject: Favorite Song, Favorite Album.

My favorite AU song is probably between Silverside, and the last mix on
the Garbage single. I loved the older AU stuff, Incunabula, Amber. THe
newer stuff is all right but a little to industrial. I wish they would
do at least 2 songs every CD with the "old school Electro" feel with the
scary keyboard strings! I hope there CD in 98 goes somewhat back to
that. I mostly like the Electronic "new ageie" type of music,(Patrick O
Hearn, David Helping) when I was younger I liked more of the Aphex,
Orbital, AU type of stuff, but now it seems like every is going to that
fast Drum N Bass type of crap! I mainly just enjoy good keyboard
strings, so most of the younger electronic "techno" generation is more
into making the dancey beat type of stuff. Anyway, I just thought I
would let you know what my favorite AU song was.
PS- what type of electronic music is your favorite?